My current work « Corridors of Light, metaphor of life » is a play, characterizing the life. 
The shadows define the span of an act that tells about an event of life where the actor enters and exits the stage – as a relationship that starts and then ends. …The shadows intend to emphasize the individuals, while the vertical frame portrays the scene of the act – an North America big city

Self Taught French photographer, I started photography late, around 25, in a French photo club where I learned a lot from tremendous artists, people who were still using black and white film – at a period where digital photography begun to be the only option for the millenials – and these friends of mine were so keen to share their craftsmanship for the dark room and the enlarger! My passion of black and white came from here for sure, it was so magical to see and understand how light can be manipulated with hands to dodge or burn to  interpret your picture in an Photoshop predominant era.

The more I work on it on my current series and think about it, the more I related these photos to my own story…I don’t have any memories of my past in Cambodia and what my parents lived and suffered is not totally clear to me…and also  the future, as an expatriate, is totally uncertain, with really short term vision…where will I live in months? In years?

So, I am utterly convinced  that this shadows of my life  affects my art and the way I am.

Badass photographer location : Montreal – Canada

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